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Script: Workers

When there’s no possibility to pass in the computations into the GPU the best way to gain some performance is by using multi-threading on the client side. Even if we’re using just one Worker we separate the UI thread from the execution thread making calculations in a much simple execution context and in most cases we can do faster calculations. The workers script has utility methods for dealing with web workers and coordinate groups of web workers with the map-reduce paradigm.

Class: WorkerGroup

Coordinates groups of web workers.

WorkerGroup Method: constructor

Creates a group of web workers out of the same script.


var workerGroup = new PhiloGL.WorkerGroup(scriptName, n);


  1. scriptName - (string) A string with the name/path of the script to be used as web worker.
  2. n - (number) The number of Web Workers to be created.


Create a group of workers to divide as an octree the space of marching cubes calculations. More information about that can be found here.

  //initialize workers
  var workerGroup = new WorkerGroup('WorkerMarchingCube.js', nWorkers);

WorkerGroup Method: map

Map different configuration objects into each worker. Just like using map as an Array method.



  1. callback - (function) A callback function to be executed for each worker. The first formal parameter of the function is the current index.


Divide the calculation space into an octree providing each worker with the grid dimensions of an philogl. The entire application can be seen here. {
    var idx = nb % den,
        idy = ((nb / den) >> 0) % den,
        idz = ((nb / den / den) >> 0) % den;
    var o = {
      grid: {
        x: {
          from: xfrom + idx * nx,
          to: xfrom + idx * nx + nx,
          step: xstep
        y: {
          from: yfrom + idy * ny,
          to: yfrom + idy * ny + ny,
          step: ystep
        z: {
          from: zfrom + idz * nz,
          to: zfrom + idz * nz + nz,
          step: zstep
      isolevel: 10,
      balls: balls.ballsArray
    return o;

WorkerGroup Method: reduce

Collect all the information each worker responded and merge it into a new object/value.




  1. options - (object) An object with the following properties.



Reduce all calculations from each philogl into a single object. More information here.

var indexAcum = 0, initialValue = {
  vertices: [],
  normals: [],
  indices: []

  reduceFn: function (x, y) {
    var l = y.vertices.length /3;
    x.vertices = x.vertices.concat(y.vertices);
    x.normals = x.normals.concat(y.normals);
    while (l--) {
    return x;
  initialValue: initialValue,
  onComplete: complete